Coach Annette

Coach Annette


Once Upon a Time Dance Classes bring over 40 years of experience in dance and theater arts. We have created productions, produced, directed, written, choreographed, taught and performed professionally; which has given us the opportunity to work in the mediums of television, movies and theater. We are principal artists and have performed in ensembles, dance companies, and as guest artists around the world in venues from arenas to small theaters. We have received our training by some of the most prestigious, by invitation and audition only, dance schools and world renowned teachers.

We are looking forward to our students having fun while learning new skills, getting stronger and achieving great things! We believe ALL should have the opportunity to know the joys of dance!


  • Tap-Broadway 9:30/10:30/11:30


  • Ballet 9:30/10:30/11:30
  • mommy & me 12:30


  • Jazz-Funk 9:30/10/3011/30


  • Ballet 9:30/10/30/11:30
  • Mommy & Me 12:30


  • Ballet 1:30
  • Tap-Broadway 2:30
  • Jazz-Funk 3:30
  • Ballet 4:30


  • Ballet 9:00
  • Tap-Broadway 10:00
  • Jazz-Funk 11:00
  • Ballet 12:00
  • Tap-Broadway 1:00
  • Jazz-Funk 2:00

Monterey Park Dance Studio
111 N Atlantic Blvd. #114 (bottom floor of Mall complex)
Monterey Park, CA 91754 ….


Friday’s Combination Dance Class 9:30
Location EIE Home School Academy 2640 Myrtle Ave #A7 Monrovia 91016

Additional Information

Subject Visual and Performing Arts
Hourly Rate NA
Cities Monterey Park
Age Group Lower Elementary (4-8 years old), Upper Elementary (9-11 years old), Middle School (12-14 years old), High School (14-18 years old)


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