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Coach Melody


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I grew up in Taiwan learning traditional Chinese and Mandarin phonetic symbols (Zhuwin, Bopomofo). The Chinese language has always been my passion. While I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as an engineer, I taught Chinese to a group of scientists and engineers once a week for 9 years. We used the same textbook used by Caltech. It included both traditional and simplified versions. We enjoyed sharing the cultural differences and started a Chinese Drama Club. With the students learning Chinese performing in Chinese and the instructors primarily performing in English, the group preforms annually at JPL’s Chinese New Year celebration. I wrote the script that they performed the first year. Since then, the tradition has continued.

I also like to write Chinese articles. I wrote a letter in Chinese to my mother for Mother’s Day. I sent it to China Times (a Chinese newspaper) and it was published in 2015. I have always enjoyed reading and writing Chinese. I believe teaching something we love will brings not only knowledge but joy to our kids.

I started teaching my own children Chinese two years ago; they are now 8 and 9 years old. I use the curriculum from MeiZhou Chinese However, I am flexible and would teach any curriculum that parents would like to use.

Additional Information

Subject Foreign Language
Cities Arcadia, Pasadena
Age Group Lower Elementary (4-8 years old), Upper Elementary (9-11 years old), Middle School (12-14 years old), High School (14-18 years old)
Coach Note For more information about this coach, please contact or contact our office number via call/text at (626) 872-1522.


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