Coach Sharon S.

Coach Sharon S.


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REGIONS: Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Sierra Madre, Temple City

Sharon has over 7,000 hours of experience teaching everything from English and music to neuroscience and philosophy. At Westmont she graduated magna cum laude in psychology (with an emphasis in neuroscience) and minored in music, then received her master’s at Azusa Pacific University in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Passionate about learning since she was a homeschooler herself, she loves to inspire natural curiosity in her students through personalized, interdisciplinary learning. Based on socratic discussions, cooperation, discovery, computer literacy, and project-based learning. Balancing fun with serious study, she fosters students’ natural curiosity and helps develop students into self-directed learners. Although it is hard for her to choose a favorite subject, Sharon typically focuses on teaching English, dance, science, language, and music.

In addition to focusing on the main subject, her classes typically integrate a wide variety of topics, including science, history, philosophy, modern issues, languages, computer literacy, and others. Take, for example, a project-based writing class that incorporated architecture and science. Over the course of several weeks, the class did a research project where they created an informational pamphlet on colonizing Mars, wrote a letter to the “director of the Mars project” listing their scientific concerns based on their expertise (as a biologist, an engineer, etc.), presented an architectural design for a Mars colony, and designed a website to share their work. Especially with small classes, lessons often draw from students’ interest, build on their existing knowledge, and challenge them creatively and academically.

Collaborating with parents and students to create personalized learning plans, Sharon enjoys creating new projects and classes that spark students’ imaginations. Through her classes, she helps students to explore their passions, collaborate respectfully with others, present their material in compelling ways, and become compassionate leaders.

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys traveling, learning new languages, exploring the outdoors, gardening, making costumes, reading, and living out a musical by singing and dancing everywhere.

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Subjects English, Science, Extracurriculars, Standardized Test Prep
Cities Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, Sierra Madre, Temple City
Coach Note For more information about this coach, please contact or contact our office number via call/text at (626) 872-1522.


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