At Cornerstone, you can take one, two or more classes that fit your schedule.
For the 2020-2021 year, all classes will take place online due to the pandemic.
Please register for Cornerstone classes by January 22, 2020.

What makes Cornerstone UNique?

Homeschooling mother and Cornerstone founder, Jennifer Goodrich, wanted a place for her son to take math and writing together with his friends.  So in 2016, we created Cornerstone Custom Co-op by Home School Coaches (formerly called St. James).


We intentionally pulled in caring and talented teachers, gifted in presenting interactive classes and intriguing lessons.  Erin Chianese, Edward Li and James Wigglesworth were among our first teachers that helped shape the kind of classes we love offering.  Each of these instructors made learning fun and insightful - a place our children wanted to be. 


Today, we continue to pick the best instructors from Home School Coaches’ 125+ teachers to teach highly interactive, hands-on classes at this location that prioritizes science, math, history, writing, communication, and the arts.  


We value our small community and picturesque location nestled in the heart of Sierra Madre. Parental participation is a priority as we are NOT a drop off program although parents may leave campus if another parent will serve as a guardian for their child.  Students 13 and older (with parental consent) are permitted to leave campus to enjoy local restaurants and parks between classes.  To promote friendships, play and interaction, we are a video game free zone.  


While you’ll find many Home School Coaches teaching throughout the region, Cornerstone is Home School Coaches’ only co-op.  Managed by veteran homeschooling mom and esteemed co-op director, Jodie Jimenez, we hold no more than four classes each period with an average of 8 students per class.  We are a small co-op with fewer than 60 students and we hope to stay small in an effort to keep Cornerstone a fun and insightful place where you and your children will make new friends, learn and have fun.  


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Due to website restrictions, we want to let you know that our Math Classes have a special registration process and you need to view their class description for special instructions and the real price of the class.


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