Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Grade Level: 6th - 12th Grade


Start Date: August 20, 2020


Meeting Days: Wednesdays, 1:00PM - 1:55PM


Fee: $180


Through sharing my desktop I will share a variety of inspiring videos created in After Effects, demonstrating a range of what the program can do. Each week we will use different tools of the program to learn different skills. I will demonstrate each step of the way by sharing my desktop, and when students have questions or issues with their own programs, I will quit sharing my screen and allow them to share their screens so I can help problem solve. Each week students will be introduced to a new skill such as keyframe animation or chromakeying green screen, and they will be then asked to complete the project they started in class over the week, with many helpful prompts to guide the way. Assignments will not be graded, but we will look at completed projects together as a class each week, collectively talking about what works well and problem solving any questions.




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    Registration for this class is on Advanced Life Education (AdLIFE) website.


    • Instructor

      Coach Heidi Tungseth

    • Start Date

      August 19, 2020

    • Meeting Days


    • Time

      1:00PM - 1:55PM PST

    • Duration

      55 Minutes

    • Fee


    • Number of Weeks

      6 Weeks

    • Location

      AdLIFE Online