Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting

Grade Level: 6th - 12th Grade


Start Date: October 15, 2020


Meeting Days: Thursdays, 10:00AM - 10:55AM


Fee: $215


Let's Art Together provides art lessons to K-12 students. I am also able to work with kids on the spectrum, either as a small group or a private lesson. Prior to starting Let's Art Together I taught preschool for ten years. I didn't want to give up teaching, but I wanted to put my BFA to better use. For the younger ones, I like to offer choices, encourage the process and even introduce famous artists. For the older students I teach drawing and painting techniques. I also talk about the 7 elements of art, what makes a good composition, negative and positive space, and basic color theory. In addition to this, I like to incorporate learning how to look, observe, and discuss famous artists and artworks. I try to keep it engaging and fun by asking what it is that they would like to gain more confidence in, whether it is a specific medium or a certain technique. This way, it is a much more meaningful experience.



  • Instructor will email a list of supplies
    • Supplies are an additional one time purchase of $50.00. The supplies are for your students to keep because we are teaching online. I am happy to order supplies before classes start. I can arrange for a safe pickup or delivery (if you are in a 15-20 mile radius).


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    • Instructor

      Coach Hillary King

    • Start Date

      October 15, 2020

    • Meeting Days


    • Time

      10:00AM - 10:55AM PST

    • Duration

      55 Minutes

    • Fee


    • Number of Weeks

      8 Weeks

    • Location

      AdLIFE Online