College Essay From Start to Finish

College Essay From Start to Finish

Essay Support from Start to Finish - Package 1 and 2


Starting a college essay application can be daunting! What do you write about? What should you not write about? How do you make your essay amazing? Are you sharing too much or sounding like you’re bragging? These sessions are designed to help students figure out these details and express them in a structured, logical order. One of our writing coaches will work one-on-one with your student to help them organize their thoughts, highlight their strengths, showcare their passions, and end with a memorable last line.


Package includes:

  • 30-Minute Video: College Success and Savings by Certified College Counselor Sean Kelly
  • Four 60-minute college essay analysis tutoring sessions with an HSC Writing Coach
  • One 30-minute live online consultation with Certified College Counselor Sean Kelly. Bring your list of college questions!


Coaches available for this package:

  • Denis Titchenell
  • Heidi Ollman
  • Korie Beth Brown
  • Nathan Schauer
  • Pat Carey
  • Sean Kelly
  • Vernita Adkins