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Paint a Serene Sunset and Elephant Painting - PASADENA: Feb (Fri) Grades 5-12

Paint a Serene Sunset and Elephant Painting - PASADENA: Feb (Fri) Grades 5-12

Summary: This is an acrylic class that teaches kids how to utilize a blending effect to create a dynamic background or in this case, a sunset. They will then learn how to create a detailed silhouette of two creatures that love each under African trees. This class is versatile in the sense that the kids get to choose their animal of choice as I will prepare many images for them to transfer into a believable silhouette. I find teaching how to create silhouettes to be very beneficial in helping kids perceive form and that the absence of lines and color can create just as a compelling image as one that does contain color. They will learn how to train their eyes to look at the tiny details that make silhouettes successful. Also, I just love this sweet image as it evokes friendship, patience, and appreciation for the small things in life like sitting under a tree and sharing a sunset. Feel free to email me your kid's favorite animal so I can provide a lesson that is catered to their interest, which will only hold their interest even longer. This class is for ages 10 and up depending on the your child's skill level. If your kid is younger but you feel they are skilled enough to join the class, please sign up...I always love to push my students while helping them believe in the skill sets they might not have known they had.





All supplies will be included. I love making the students feel like true artists so they will have a professional set up that includes: easels, paint pallets, brushes, and paints. *Please have them wear a shirt that you wouldn't mind getting paint on just to be on the safe side.


Class Details

Instructor: Alexzandra C.

Grades: 5th-12th

Meeting Time: 12:15PM to 1:30PM

Meeting Day: Friday

Class Start: February 16, 2024

Class Length: 1 week

Cost: $35

Minimum Number of Students: 4

Maximum Number of Students: 14

Location: AdLife Academy (539 N Lake Ave, Pasadena CA 91101)

  • This is a Fun Friday Pod

    Fun Fridays at AdLife Academy offer an array of engaging classes on Fridays at our comfortable and cozy campus. As a proud affiliate of Home School Coaches, AdLife Academy welcomes families to enroll in any number of classes that suit their interests and schedules. Our diverse class offerings are open to all, providing a broad spectrum of choices for every learner. Additionally, we provide a comfortable lounge area for parents to relax while their students attend classes.

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