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Realistic Foundations - PASADENA: Feb (Tue) Grades 6-12th

Realistic Foundations - PASADENA: Feb (Tue) Grades 6-12th

Summary: Learn the essential steps an artist must take in order to create realistic artwork. This class will be an in-depth study of the basic skills an artist must master in order to have a solid foundation, comprised of “skill sets” to build upon.






  • Artist pencil set (H’s-B’s)
  • Hand held plastic eraser, kneaded eraser
  • Stumps, tortillions, Qtips
  • Sketchbook (no smaller than 8 12x11, preferably 9x12)
  • 5 index cards
  • Ruler, sharpener


Class Details

Instructor: Gina D.

Grades: 6th-12th

Meeting Time: 4:45PM - 5:45PM

Meeting Day: Tuesday

Class Start: February 6, 2024

Class Meeting Dates: 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 4/2

Class Length: 8 weeks

Cost: $185

Minimum Number of Students: 3

Maximum Number of Students: 10

Location: AdLife Academy (539 N. Lake Ave, Pasadena CA 91101)

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