Story of the World Volume 2 (Spring 2021)

Story of the World Volume 2 (Spring 2021)

Grade Range: 4th-6th Grade


Dates: February 5 – April 30 (no classes on 4/2 spring break; 5/7 make up day in the event of a teacher absence)


Time: 2:10PM - 3:10PM


Fee: $285


Class description:

This class covers world history from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance. Join us as we learn who discovered chocolate, what happened to the giant Fovor of the Mighty Blows, and why the Ottoman Turks drag their war ships across dry land.


Location: Room 3


Maximum class size: 12

  • Instructor

    Coach Leanne Golliher

  • Vendor

    Home School Coaches (Abby Zabby LLC)

  • Ages/Grades

    4th to 6th Grade

  • Dates

    February 5 - April 30 (12 Weeks)

  • Days


  • Time

    2:10PM - 3:10PM

  • Duration of Lesson

    60 Minutes

  • Location


  • Class Fee


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