Yoga for Middle and High Schoolers

Yoga for Middle and High Schoolers

Grade Level: 7th - 12th Grade


Start Date: August 18, 2020


Meeting Days: Tuesdays, 11:00AM - 11:55AM


Fee: $95


The class will include warm-ups, a series of yoga moves, and a cool down. Attention will be paid to learning correct alignment and how to adjust a pose if necessary. Please note that there will be no class on Tuesday, September 8th. The final class for this series will be held on Tuesday, September 15th.



  • Yoga or Exercise Mat


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    • Instructor

      Coach KB Brown

    • Start Date

      August 18, 2020

    • Meeting Days


    • Time

      11:00AM - 11:55AM PST

    • Duration

      55 Minutes

    • Fee


    • Number of Weeks

      4 Weeks

    • Location

      AdLIFE Online