Beth Sobel (Art) 🕮

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LESSON FEES: $55 for a 30-minute lesson $65 for a 45-minute lesson $75 for a 60-minute lesson SUBJECTS: Abstract art, Expressive art, Language arts, English, Psychology, Sociology, Life Skills, Mindfulness, Meditation through art, Social skills, Emotional awareness, Personal growth Beth approaches education through a creative lens with an awareness that one size does not fit all students’ styles of learning. Witnessing so many bright children slip through the cracks was her biggest frustration when working within the education system. She found new inspiration when teaching students on the autism spectrum. Working one-on-one offered her the freedom to adapt her methods to her students’ unique needs. Beth is a writer and carries a deep affection for language with the comprehension that we all process and express language differently. She utilizes an individualized approach to English/ Language Arts. Reading for some becomes an inherently visual process, while others rely on their auditory abilities. Reading and writing on paper differ from those skills on a screen and it is important to know what works best for each student. Beth aims to first discover each students’ learning style and determine whether they are left, right or whole brain learners so she can tailor her approach. This is typically done through a simple art project with paper and pencil. Many of her projects have therapeutic components, while weaving in the elements of art and the principles of design. She works towards using art as a tool to help students calm, express themselves and understand their brain workings and learning styles. Art then can be used to help integrate and synthesize academic material. There is a purpose and a method to her madness, even if just doodling, there is reason. She teaches reading (phonetic awareness and comprehension) and writing and is able to tutor all subjects that rely on both skills. Beth teaches study skills, life skills and social skills to those who need help in these areas. Students with processing disorders and/or executive function challenges may need assistance organizing and digesting information. She also helps parents understand how their children learn best and consults with them, offering strategies to adapt subject matter to fit their children. Her goal is to make learning a positive experience and uses students’ interests as inspiration.

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