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Intervention Packages

Interest List Forming for the 2024-2025 School Year

You want your student to feel confident and set up for success in school, and we want to support you in that goal. Our Intervention Program utilizes our most experienced, trusted, and caring instructors to help students who are 2+ years behind in math, reading, or writing. These instructors will help identify and fill gaps in your student's learning so they feel equipped for wherever their educational journey takes them.

Our Packages

Why Choose Home School Coaches?

Customized Approach

We offer one-on-one online lessons with
Home School Coaches’ best, most seasoned,
and caring instructors.


In addition to connecting directly with, our instructors share weekly success reports with your student’s charter teacher.  


Each intervention package is only
$600 for custom lessons with highly effective tutors.

Lesson Length

All Grade Levels

Students receive ten 45-minute lessons.


Register for Home School Coaches'

Acceptance is subject to instructor availability.

Intervention Packages are available only for students testing 2+ grade levels behind in math, reading, or writing.

For all grade levels,

each subject package is $600.

This fee includes:

Ten 45-minute lessons

Interest List

What packages are you interested in? (prices listed)

Please fill out the Family Liability Form before proceeding *

Where did you hear about the intervention program?

Thank you for your interest in Home School Coaches' Intervention Packages. You will be contacted with more details on how to get started!

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