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Alice Mellein

Alice Mellein


Santa Paula



Language Arts, English and Math



Reading Intervention (Language Arts/English) - Santa Paula - Grades K-5th

Math Intervention (Math) - Santa Paula - Grades K-5th


I have a master’s degree in special education and am credentialed to teach kindergarten through eighth grade. With my Orton Gillingham training, I have the tools to help struggling readers make significant progress in basic reading skills, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. My reading instruction includes research-based curriculum, which is finely calibrated to the student's instructional level. It includes visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. It is an enriched total language experience with an emphasis on decoding, sight word recognition, fluency, spelling, and reading connected text.


My math instruction focuses on the visualization and creative exploration of the objectives of each grade level. I approach math concepts visually to ground students in a deep understanding of the concepts. All my math lessons use manipulatives and real – world experiences. The math instruction is ‘low floor, high ceiling’ meaning that all students can engage meaningfully in the tasks, regardless of their academic level and ability.


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