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Home School Coaches love what they teach and it shows.  Many are credentialed teachers, professionals in their field and have advanced degrees in the subjects they teach.

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Abby Lai, Founder

Home School Coaches is the largest homeschool tutoring company in Los Angeles and is dedicated to supporting parents in their journey to educate their children.

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Established Instructors

We only hire the best for your children.  All Home School Coaches have been referred by homeschool parents and are carefully vetted with thorough background checks.

All content taught is non-sectarian.

Home School Coaches is not a school. We support an independent study model and offer classes and tutoring to support parents and students in their educational journey!

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Chenning Peng

Homeschooling Mom of 4

Pasadena, CA

“Abby Lai is an amazing resource for homeschooling, and has encouraged me in our family's homeschooling journey. She has a wealth of knowledge about classes and teachers, and has a gift for "matchmaking" students with the right coach. Abby is easy to work with, thoughtfully considers your concerns and preferences, and also has her own experiences as a homeschooling parent to draw from. We have met some of our favorite homeschool coaches through Abby and Home School Coaches. These are teachers that we have benefitted from for years, through multiple children! When I get into conversations with new homeschoolers, inevitably I will ask them, "Have you heard of Home School Coaches? Have you met Abby Lai?" I would not hesitate to recommend Abby and Home School Coaches to any homeschooling family. There is so much variety within the course offerings, as well as the personalities and teaching styles of the coaches, that I feel that there is something (or someone) there for anyone homeschooling.”

Edward Li

Barnabas Robotics

Pasadena, CA

“Our robotics teachers have been working with Homeschool Coaches for over 5 years, and it has been wonderful. I appreciate the time that they take to make sure that every child is matched with the right learning opportunity. Abby and her team operate with love, honor, and respect. They are a light within the homeschool community. I would recommend any family to check out their classes!”

Erin Chianese

English Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

“As a teacher working in many venues and organizations, I have especially appreciated working for Home School Coaches. It is professionally run by Abby Lai and her team, with excellent care and communication. HSC provides a needed service, connecting quality teachers to the homeschooling community. I have enjoyed learning alongside all my students, classes and families through HSC.”

James Wigglesworth

Math Teacher

Arcadia, CA

“Abby has a sixth sense for connecting people. It stems from the deep care and empathy she has for those in her life. Her intuition for figuring out each person's philosophy and their unique qualities is unmatched. Teachers trust her to know their skills and understand their strengths. Families trust her to recognize their needs and actualize their goals. In the 5 years I've known her, she's proven time after time to be professional, resourceful, loyal, empowering, encouraging, and energetic. I trust her implicitly and respect her greatly.”

Jennifer Goodrich

Homeschooling mom, Vocal and Life Coach, Singer/Songwriter

Altadena, CA

“Abby is one of the most trusted people in the homeschooling community. I have gone to her and her business, Home School Coaches, for years to find the best of the best teachers and have always had the most successful experiences. Abby is one of the most optimistic, joyful, intelligent, and compassionate people I know, and to have a business owner with those qualities at the helm - that is a powerful equation. I would not be a successful homeschooling mother if it wasn't for Abby's grace and empowerment. Thank you, Abby and HSC!!”

Jennifer Russell

Educational Facilitator, iLead Exploration

Orange County, CA

“Home School Coaches has heart! As a fellow tutor and an Educational Facilitator for a charter school, I can testify that Abby Lai and her staff of employees and tutors care deeply about the families and students they serve. They work personally with each one, trying to meet each student's learning style, needs, and personality. They work tirelessly and patiently to support the homeschooling community and the public charters they serve. They are open to feedback and are always finding ways to improve their process and program.”

Kristie Savage

Blue Ridge Academy

Los Angeles, CA

“As a homeschool teacher with Blue Ridge Academy, I love working with Abby and recommending her tutors (coaches) to my students. Abby does an excellent job of finding high quality coaches and matching their skills/personality to the students. The feedback I receive from students is always extremely positive. Home School Coaches is my first stop when students need extra help.”

L. Foster

Homeschool Mother

Pasadena, CA

“I knew Abby even before she started Home School Coaches. She's always been the same: kind, caring, smart, and always thinking ahead. She put all of these characteristics together and created a wonderful resource for us homeschooling families that was much needed. Home School Coaches has been a godsend to our family. We have found community courses that were fun and challenging for every age of our children (we have 5), and tutors that were passionate and knowledgeable. We are no longer homeschooling, but I've recommended Home School Coaches to family, friends, strangers - really anyone who is in need of academic support and/or challenge. Keep up the good work guys! I hope you'll even be around for my grandchildren.”

Mary Anne Cheraz

Director of PathFinders Homeschool Classes

Glendora, CA

“Through Home School Coaches, Abby Lai has created a rich portfolio of classes and teachers to benefit the community at large. Of all the organizations in the area, Abby has become the network which connects them. Her ability to appreciate, engage, and be inclusive of many teaching and learning styles has allowed Home School Coaches to become the Cornerstone of education in the San Gabriel Valley.”

Michele Small

Math Teacher

Monrovia, CA

"Home School Coaches strikes an excellent balance of caring for both their families and their tutors. Personally, they have helped my tutoring business thrive by interfacing with charters to provide funding. Their attention to detail and kindness in doing so has made them an excellent company to work with."

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