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Denise Brotherton

Denise Brotherton


Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks



Visual and Performing Arts



Theater (Visual and Performing Arts) - Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks - Grades 7-12th


Hello, my name is Denise Brotherton.  I have been happily married for almost 19 years, and together we have 2 amazing kids.  My daughter who is a senior this year, and my son who is in 7th grade.  I live in Running Springs with my family, as well as my dog Molly and my cat Lexi.  I enjoy singing, acting, crafting, and all things artistic.  I try to live my life as a good person, I am very calm and relaxed and enjoy a stress free life.  I have a strong Christian faith and love helping and serving others.


I currently work at the Lake Arrowhead Christian School  teaching choir to grades K-6.  I was teaching theater to Jr. High students, but sadly due to cutbacks they had to make some difficult choices and unfortunately my department was cut.  This is my 4th year teaching there, and I'm hopeful that one day they will get the theater program back up and running.  Until that day comes, I will continue to teach choir and I will love every minute of it.


I have been interested in acting and singing since I was a little girl, and have starred in many productions as well as direct.  I have definitely eased back on the acting now that I'm older and have a family.  I now only act in the productions at my church which thankfully doesn't take up to much of my time.  Teaching is a passion and I started teaching Sunday School to kids between the ages of  two and six.  From there I went on to become an AWANA leader at Mt. Calvary and also a VBS leader.  I absolutely love kids of all ages and enjoy shaping the young minds of today. 


Homeschooling wasn't even on my radar until I got a phone call out of the blue asking me to join the homeschooling team.  After careful consideration, I knew that this was going to be a good fit.  I look forward to this new adventure in life and pray that not only will your kids appreciate the art of theater but also understand that it's a way to express themselves artistically.


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