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Karen Felzer

Karen Felzer





Social Studies and History



Modern World History (Social Studies/History) - Monrovia - Grades 7th-12th



Dr. Karen Felzer was born into a family focused on love, academics, and excellence in teaching.  Karen has tutored and taught math, reading, physics, earth science, and history to students in a variety of grade levels.  While tutoring, Karen earned a B.S. from Stanford University in Geophysics with a minor in American History, and a PhD from Harvard University in Geophysics.  Karen won three Certificates of Distinction in Teaching as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and lectured at  UCLA.  Today she works intermittently/part time work for the U.S. Geological Survey while homeschooling her teenage sons.  As a trained scientist Karen brings scientific inquiry to the study of history; she digs beyond the textbooks into the research literature to place events in their wider context.  As a holistic mom Karen has also spent time investigating historical/traditional practices of food procurement, including foraging and fermentation, and hopes to offer classes on this in the future.


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