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Mary Cheraz

Mary Cheraz


Glendora, San Dimas



Science, Language Arts and English



Middle School Science 6-8th (Science) - Glendora, San Dimas - Grades 6-8th

Literature-Based Writing Middle School (Language Arts/English) - Glendora, San Dimas - Grades 6-8th

Writing Foundationns (Language Arts/English) - Glendora, San Dimas - Grades 5-7th

Wacky World of Science (Science) - Glendora, San Dimas - Grades 3-5th


Mary Anne is a certificated teacher who has taught in public and private schools for 20 years. Most recently, Mary Anne was a Learning Specialist working with struggling readers, but has enjoyed teaching children of all ages and abilities. Prior to her education career, Mary Anne worked as a Registered Nurse at City of Hope and has never lost her love of the sciences. Mary Anne has been married to Jeff for 25 years. Jeff and Mary Anne are the proud parents of 2 beautiful children, Ruby and Tanner.


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