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Andrea Kaufmann

Andrea Kaufmann


Glendora, San Dimas



Foreign Language and Special Interest



Beginning Spanish (Foreign Language) - Glendora - Grades K-2nd

Beginning Spanish (Foreign Language) - San Dimas - Grades 3rd-5th

Beginning Spanish (Foreign Language) - San Dimas - Grades 6th-8th

Gameschooling (Special Interest) - San Dimas - Grades 3rd-5th



Andrea is a native Spanish speaker raised in the San Fernando Valley. She obtained her AA from Pasadena City College and a BA from Cal Arts. Andrea worked in the film industry for 8 years wearing a variety of hats from camera operator, AD, director, commercial coordinator and production supervisor.


When she became pregnant with her first child she knew that she wanted to do things unconventionally. She has been home-schooling her kids for 4+ years. She started hosting a “Gameschooling” class as a fun way to enrich skills and the positive response received from the kids’ interactions has provided a rewarding experience. She enjoys working with elementary students as those were her most memorable academic years. As a young child she attended a private school and has very fond memories of the teachers, field trips and how school was made to be a fun learning environment. She incorporates games, songs and interactive classroom activities that are engaging.


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