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Gina Diggs

Gina Diggs


San Fernando Valley



Math, Science, Visual and Performing Arts






Gina Diggs has a degree and 4 certifications in holistic nutrition and wellness. The chemistry of nutrients’ effects on our bodies and brains has always been fascinating to her and she began self researching at age 20 moving into professional classes a few years later, earning her degree and adding certifications over the years. She is passionate about helping others reach their health goals. She’s been teaching homeschoolers for over 10 years, and homeschooled her own 4 children for over 23 years.


Gina has taught various styles of dance since she was 16 years old, from the very young to moms just looking for a fun night out. In her early twenties she began writing scripts and children’s books while continuing to perform and teach and learn. She is also a Meisner trained actor. In 1998, she read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and became enthralled with the series, which lead to her teaching Harry Potter to homeshcoolers for the past 10 years. Her classes have included (science based) health and wellness for teens, dance, musical theater, drama, the literature of Harry Potter, astronomy, Harry Potter as enrichment (a fan fave!), and private tutoring in many subjects. 


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