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Agnes Rogoza

Agnes Rogoza


Glendora, San Dimas



Math, Science, Language Arts and English



Human Body (Science) - Glendora - Grades K-2nd

Zoology (Science) - Glendora & San Dimas - Grades K-2nd

Pod of Curious Minds (Language Arts/English) - Glendora - Grades 3rd-8th

Pod of Cuirous Minds: Book Club (Language Arts/English) - Glendora & San Dimas - Grades 6th-8th

Who? What Where? (Language Arts/English) - Glendora & San Dimas - Grades 3rd-5th

Read, Write and Draw (Language Arts/English) - Glendora & San Dimas - Grades K-2nd

Math Lessons (Math) - Glendora - Grades 3rd-5th


At a young age, Mrs. Rogoza migrated from Poland to the United States, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and philosophy. For nearly sixteen years, she worked as a paralegal in environmental matters. Concurrently, she volunteered at the NY Supreme Court - Family Division, focusing on cases involving children placed in foster care.


Currently, Agnes is very passionate about homeschooling her two young daughters. She has been homeschooling them for the past six years and has participated in local co-ops. 


Agnes values spending quality time with her family and friends, reading, as well as engaging in outdoor activities such as gardening, canoeing, camping, and exploring national parks.


As William Butler Yeats once said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire," and Agnes embodies this sentiment in her approach to homeschooling.


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