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Lisa Garland

Lisa Garland


Twin Peaks






Drawing (Art) - Twin Peaks - Grades 3-12th


Hello, my name is Lisa Garland. I am an art teacher. I have taught art for 16 years to both
students in private schools and homeschoolers. I received a BFA in sculpture from California
State University Long Beach. I then received a preliminary art teaching credential from the
same college. I taught at a private catholic school for 4 years. I became a mom and when my
children were school age I became their homeschool teacher. During that time I was the art
teacher at 2 co-ops and taught homeschoolers art for 2 years. Then I taught art at a christian
school for 5 years.


I am excited about teaching my students how to draw and develop their creative skills. I believe anyone can learn how to draw. I teach certain techniques that develop this skill of drawing. I also believe everyone is creative. My philosophy on art education is that the artist within can be accessed through structured lessons given in order to develop internal knowledge of how to draw and create visual images. After gaining a certain level of drawing
skill I introduce some of the basic art concepts such as: line, value, texture, perspective, and
color theory. In conclusion I would like to say that along with enjoying teaching art my interests lie in dance, working out, remodeling my house, having friends and family gather in my home, and developing lasting relationships with people in my life.


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