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Nzingha Newton

Nzingha Newton





Math, Art, Financial Literacy, Gardening, Cooking, Social Studies, History, Technology, Science,



Financial Literacy for Littles (Math, Social Studies/History) - Riverside - Grades 1-4th

Real Estate & Financial Literacy for Pre-teens & Teens (Math, Social Studies/History, Technology) - Riverside - Grades 5-12th

Art in the Garden: Farm to Table Cooking & Gardening (Art, Science) - Riverside - Grades K-12th

Foundations of Learning: Good bugs Bad Bugs & Anatomy (Science) - Riverside - Grades K-4th


I am more passionate about homeschooling, unschooling and education than anything else. Our children’s future is the future. I’m in my 8th year of homeschooling my 4 children and I changed my career path 8 yrs ago because I fell in love with being a pivotal part of our future creators educational journeys. My company started with teaching children how to grow edible gardens from seed and learn self sustainability. It grew into bringing out all of my life’s talents and sharing them with my homeschool community. I spent 5 yrs studying Business & Management at SDSU, 8 yrs managing a music production Co & 8 yrs working as a Realtor/Investor. 10 yrs learning everything I could about growing nutritious food for my family & why we should eat it. I believe my 22 years of foster care service with my mother keeps me qualified to teach our homeschool community. Working daily with children is a craft in itself. Our outdoor and hands on approach is just what our kids need to armor up for their future.


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