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LESSON FEES: $40 for a 30-minute lesson $50 for a 45-minute lesson $60 for a 60-minute lesson SUBJECTS: Chinese I grew up in Taiwan. The Chinese language has always been my passion. When I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as a Software engineer, I taught Mandarin Chinese to a group of scientists and engineers once a week for 9 years. We enjoyed sharing our cultural differences and started a Chinese Drama Club, which performs at JPL's annual Chinese New Year celebration. I wrote the script that they performed the first year. They have continued that tradition each year since then. I have been teaching Chinese for Homeschool Coaches kids since 2019. I believe children should learn language through games and fun activities. I enjoy seeing kids' eyes light up when they master new language skills. I wrote an essay in Chinese about my mother for Mother's Day in 2015 that was published in the China Times newspaper. TESTIMONIALS "We are so thankful for our Mandarin coach Melody! She has been working with my 10 year old daughter, a total beginner with no Mandarin exposure, this school year and my daughter has grown so much. Melody is very upbeat and encouraging and keeps my daughter motivated with relevant conversational tools, vocabulary and fun activities. She is firm but constructive with her correction and always celebrates the student's victories. Melody really is a super person and a gifted teacher. It really helps to have the face to face contact and conversation to learn a language. Melody also has been able to help her make the most of her time on her own using Duo Lingo. My daughter is very excited each week when it is time for Mandarin class." - Joan "Melody Chang taught beginning Chinese for fellow JPLers while she was employed there. She was very patient and good-humored despite our many mistakes. She encouraged us to try again and again, which is the way to make progress in learning Chinese. You must be willing to try! Many times she brought in extra material, not in the textbook. Often they were interesting dialogs or vignettes of her own invention. Melody began a yearly tradition when she composed a script for the class to perform at JPL's annual Chinese New Year Celebration. It was both sophisticated enough to entertain the audience but simple enough for the class to master. It struck just the right balance. We at JPL value our memories of Melody's teaching and strongly recommend her for any future opportunity to teach." - Anon.

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